Grade 8

The history curriculum begins with the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the Reformation and proceeds to modern times, allowing the students to see how their world has come into being.

The study of geography includes a look at world geography and a concentration on Asia and Africa.

Geometry includes the spiral, the Golden Mean, Euclidean geometry and Platonic solids.Math work focuses on the metric system; working with both the metric and the American system of measurement, formulae for measuring volume and the study of quadratic equations.

The focus of study is the human muscular system, the human skeletal system and two sensory organs, the eye and the ear. Mechanics is the topic in physics, which allows them to apply algebra to discover its underlying laws. In chemistry they study principles of combustion, the salt process, as well as acids and bases, especially in relation to foods. Eighth grade physics involves hydraulics and pneumatics, electricity and magnetism.

Grammar study involves an ongoing review of all aspects of grammar; work with subordinate (dependent) and independent clauses; the use of pronouns, with a special stress on pronouns as subjects and objects and the proper use of indefinite pronouns; verbals - infinitives, participles and gerunds.

Singing, orchestra, handwork, clay, gardening, woodworking, recorder playing, eurythmy, physical education, drawing and painting, as well as the study of Spanish or German, continue throughout the eighth grade.