Grade 4

In fourth grade the children begin the study of geography with what is close at hand, first the immediate area and then Mumbai. They learn to represent three-dimensional space on a map.

In arithmetic they study factors, abundant and deficient numbers and amicable numbers. Fractions serve as the transition from arithmetic to mathematics where the work is both conceptual and experiential.

Studying grammar they learn to express time by mastering tenses, the four types of sentences, punctuation and lettering writing. Reading practice continues in small groups to cultivate word attack skills, vocabulary development and reading comprehension

Zoology is the first formal science block in the curriculum, now that the ten-year-old has a sense of the inner self and the outer work to the extent that the study of science is meaningful. The focus is on the animal world and its relationship to the human being, thus teaching the children what lives within them.

In the realm of music the class stringed orchestra is working hard, and singing and recorder playing continue. In handwork the children learn the cross stitch and elements of design.