Grade 2

The children hear biographies of holy people who, in overcoming their weaknesses, have been able to serve others. The curriculum balances the biographies with animal fables and stories which represent exaggerated human qualities as revealed through the errors the animals have made. Writing, more of an extension of drawing in first grade, stands on its own in second. Children learn lower case letters and write and read longer sentences. They use readers.

As far as number work is concerned, the children develop facility with the processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, which they learned in first grade. Emphasis is placed on the relationship among the processes, always through problems which reflect life activities.

The curriculum of the special subjects, from foreign language to recorder playing, from ames to form drawing, reflects the need for symmetry and balancing or mirroring activities. For example, in the handwork class, the children incorporate the knitting they learned in first grade into a similar but mirrored activity of pearling, and then graduate to crocheting.