Grade 1

The First Grade work lays the foundation not only for the child's future work, but also for bodily growth, physical health and moral development.

English :
The adventure of writing and reading has begun. Working through the progression of story to movement, to picture, to letter, the children slowly learn the alphabet. In addition, students copy out poetry which they have learned by heart, experiencing the outer picture of sound and meaning which they have already possessed as inner content.

Maths :
The approach to numbers concentrates on the child's natural experience of the numbers realm, the qualitative approach.

Arts :
The artistic work, such as form drawing, painting, beeswax modeling, eurhythmy, recorder playing, handwork, singing, drama, and recitation, are all incorporated into the curriculum.

It is also in first grade that the students are introduced to Hindi and Marathi, which are both taught orally.